Destination Wedding in the French Chateau


Do you dream of planning your chateau wedding in an exceptional reception venue: why not fall for a castle in France ?

When your wedding plan is launched, it is not always easy to anticipate the price of renting a castle in France for the D-Day. This step requires a real work of research and comparison.

Renting a castle for your wedding: what is the average budget ?

Organizing a wedding in a castle has many advantages and will often leave unforgettable memories for all your guests. After all, you only get married once, so you might as well treat yourself to this amazing day.

To help you in your search, we have given you some ideas for anticipating the average price of a castle rental for a wedding in France.

Because each place and castle is unique, the services and the necessary budgets are very diverse. There is therefore necessarily a castle in France or in your region that matches your search criteria and that will respect your wedding budget.

An average price that can vary from 4,000 to 10,000 €

However, reserving a castle for your wedding requires planning a rather high budget because it is a luxury service, which can vary from 4,000 to 10,000 € on average.

Dear travels from Russia, if you need some advice on how to choose your wedding reception location, you can check out our site dedicated to that topic. You can also consult our site dedicated to the criteria for selecting a castle for a wedding.

Flexible rental formulas and prices

Each castle is unique and therefore offers its own services and prices.

The best way to find the castle that meets your budget is to prepare a list of all the castles that meet your criteria (number of accommodations, room capacity etc).

Once this list has been established, contact all of the selected castles to request a quote.

You will then discover that some castles offer different formulas and prices depending on the spaces you wish to reserve.

A good way to reduce the cost of your stay is to book only part of the reception rooms or accommodation in the castle if this option is available to you.

You can also opt for a short stay of a single day or night to lower the price.

Wedding during the week: a way to reduce the price of your stay

If you have found the castle of your dreams but its weekend rate does not suit you, it may be possible to rent it during the week.

Indeed, many castles and estates across France now offer rentals of their property for weekday weddings, at a reduced rate.

Rental prices vary from region to region

Finding the castle of your dreams that respects your budget can be more or less complicated depending on the region of France in which you are going to say yes to yourself.

Some regions are on the rise and attract brides and grooms from all over the world. The French Riviera is the perfect example of a region very popular for weddings.

Renting a castle near Paris and Ile-de-France: high demand and high prices

The Château de Vallery in Ile-de-France

Exposed to a very strong demand for weddings, some castles in Ile-de-France offer high prices, sometimes approaching € 15,000 in the most popular places. Many castles indeed offer luxury rental services for weddings in 78 and 77.

Thus, very beautiful establishments such as the Château de Vallery welcome an international, cosmopolitan and refined clientele, looking for luxury and exceptional services for their wedding.

It is therefore sometimes strategic to find a castle rental in a region bordering that initially imagined in order to respect a more economical budget.

Certain regions are indeed full of magnificent castles where international demand is lower.

Auvergne, for example, is a region with castles available for rent at more affordable prices.

A castle in Auvergne: the right compromise in terms of price and travel time

The Auvergne region where we are based is also one of the most central in France, which comes in handy when you are expecting guests from all over France.

Choosing a chateau in Auvergne for your wedding can allow you to benefit from more attractive rental prices, while reducing the journey time for a large number of guests having to cross France.

Atypical reception venues for small budgets

If your wedding budget does not allow you to opt for a castle, why not look to other atypical reception venues for your big day?

Indeed, many manors, lodges or former farmhouses now offer the rental of their reception venues for weddings and other private events.

These unusual places are attracting a growing number of couples looking for unusual places and bargains.

If you too are organizing your wedding and want to get lots of new tips for your preparations, please contact us.